Creating a Style Sheet in Dreamweaver

Step 1: Go to dreamweaver and click file new and choos CSSfrom the provided menue.
Step 2:you will get a css document :) you will then need to go to the top and click where it says window and make sure the css styles has a check mark nexto it.
Step 3: you will then go to the right of the screen and you should say css styles with an arrow pointing down. Go down to where you see properties and click on the piece of paper that looks like it has a corner folded and a + on it.
Step 4:You will get a pop up menue that asks for new style and you are to name it. this is where you will name what part of your site you are changing like if it is the body you will write body in the name area.
Step 5: you will then get another menue that looks like the page properties menue and here is where you can change some of your elements of your site. But remember it will only change the area of what you typed in as the name. So you will need to do this for each area of your site like i typed body as the example but if you have a footer or header you will need to do this for those areas also. you will also need to do this for your links on your site also.
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