Making an image transparent Tutorial!!!

Above is an example of what your finished image should look like!

What you will need for this tutorial!

A photo editing program corel paint shop pro or what ever your favorite program is.

and an image that you would like to ake transparent!!

Lets begin :)

1. You will need to open your photo editing program. I will be using Corel Paint Shop pro for this tutorial.
2: You will need to choose the image that you would like to make tha backround transparent.
3. I like to make my images very large that way I can be sure I have gotten all of the backround!
4. So after you choose you image and you will need to select the fill flood tool.

5. after that you will need to select which color you will want to use to make the image transparent. I always choose the neon green. I figure it is highly unlikely that anyone would want to make a website backround that yucky color.

6. After you do that you will need to fill all the backround image in with this color. If you miss an area it will be very obvious lol.

your image should be filled in like the one above.

7. you will then go to image, pallette, and set palette transparency.

8. A pop up box will apear click yes, then you will be given the following image. This is how I set up my settings.

9. If you set it up the same them you can check to see if it worked by going to images, pallete, and then view palette transparency.

10. and now you have a transparent image. I hope this was helpful :)
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