Glittered Photo Frame tutorial!!

Above is an example of what your finished animation should look like!

What you will need for this tutorial!

A photo editing program Photoshop cs2 or what ever your favorite program is.
An animation shop program Jasc Animation shop.

Also you will need your picture and one of the animated photo frames located at the link below.

Glittered Photo frames!!

Lets begin :)
1. You will need to open your photo editing program. I will be using Photo shop cs2 for this tutorial.
2. Open your picture.

3.You will need to change the size of your photo. Change your image size to what you see in the example box!

4. Save your picture. You may also change the size of your glittered frame to what ever size you like. tutorial to come!
5.Now open your animation program.
6.The best way to get the animated photo frames off my site is to click on it and drag it to your desktop or right click and save as to where ever you want.
7.Open your selected picture frame in animation shop and open your picture in the animation shop also.

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