How to make glitter fills!!

Above is an example of what your finished animation should look like!

What you will need for this tutorial!
A photo editing program Photoshop cs2 or what ever your favorite program is.
An animation shop program Jasc Animation shop.
And you will need to download the Eye candy filter pack for cs2 if you have not done so already.

Click here to download the zip file!

You will also need a 100 x 100 colored or non colored area that you wish to use as a glitter fill. Visit the glitter fills area of my site to check out all the kinds of fill squares that I have available.
Lets begin :)
1. You will need to open your photo editing program. I will be using Photo shop cs2 for this tutorial.
2. Open your square from where ever you have it saved from.


3.You will need to change the size of your square. Change your image size to 100 x 100 or what ever you think is best!
4. You will then need to change the mode on your image. So to do this go to immage and click on it then mode then to rgb color. Alot of times the program will not let you edit the image unless you do this step

5. After you do this you will need to make duplicate coppies of the square! I make 3 but you can make as many as you would like. You do this by going to the box on the right that shows the image in it in layers. Right click over the area to the right of the image, this will bring up a menue just choose duplicate. Then it will bring up another menue asking you to name the layer i just click ok but if you want to name your layers go for it lol. You will need to do this twice for this tutorial so that you have 3 layers.


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