This is the Customizing My pre-made birthday cake Tutorial

For this tutorial you will need the following: Corel Paint Shop Pro or a simmilar program one of the 2 Birthday Cake blank images found here:

STEP 1 : To begin the tutorial you will need to open corel paint shop pro. Click the above link and click on the image of the cake you would like and hold and drag the image to corel.

You will notice i have opened both Cakes this is just to show you what each will look like :) I will be using the girl cake for this tutorial.
Step 2 : You will need to click the TEXT TOOL on the menue on the left hand side of the program. Click on the top layer of the cake this will bring up a text box. I have chosen happy for the top word of my cake. when you orriginally type it will not be in the correct colors. so on the left hand side there are colored squares click on one and choose a color from the menue. you will need to do the same thing for both squares.

Step 3 : after you have chosen your color and have written your word click apply. You will notice that the word is not positioned correctly on the cake layer. Increase the size of the graphic by going to view on the top menue bar and click zoom in untill you can see the layer well enough to position your words. Place your cursor in the center of the words you will notice it will turn to arrows going in all 4 directions. click and hold and you will be able to move the words into the position you would like. Once you are happy with the position you will need to merge the 2 layers. the word layer and the image.
Go to layers in the top menue. Click merge then another sub menue will appear click merge down.

After you do this you will need to return the image to its regualr size by going to view in the top menue bar and click 100%.
Step 4 : you will do the above steps for all 3 layers of the cake. When you complete the graphic it will look as follows:

If you have any trouble with this tutorial please feel free to message me at please no spam mail ty

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