Basic Blinkie Tutorial!!!

Above is an example of what your finished animation should look like!

What you will need for this tutorial!

A photo editing program corel paint shop pro or what ever your favorite program is.
An animation shop program Jasc Animation shop.

Also you will need your picture and the blinkie templets from the zip file below.

Click here to download the zip file!

Lets begin :)
1. You will need to open your photo editing program. I will be using Corel Paint Shop pro for this tutorial.
2: You will only need the photo editing program to make the backround of your blinkie image.
Basic blinkie size is 150 for width and 20 for the height. THIS IS THE SIZE OF THE BLINKIE TEMPLETS
3. Once you have made your desired backround make sure that you save it to a place you can easily find it.
4. Then you will need to download the zip file with the blinkie templets inside :).
3. Once you download the zip file u will need to extract the files.

step 1: download file
step 2: you will need to extract the files to your computer.
step 3: right click on the folder and choose extract here.
step 4: that will put the images on your desktop.

4. You will now open your animation program :) This is the fun part!!
5. Start the animation wizard and this is how I have it set up. You can change whatever you want to make it your own.
same size as first frame
Loop yes
How long =10 (you can make it as fast or as slow as you would like)
then add your images. You will need 4 images for this tutorial to work. I saved my backround image and to get 2 of them I have just dulpicated the image , but you can always save it twice if you want.
You should see the following image after the wizard if everythihng has been done correctly.

6. Now comes the trickey part kinda. You will need to highlight one of the transparent blinkie templets, then right click and select CUT!!
7. Then click on the first frame with your backround image in it, right click and choose past into selected frame, YOU MUST CLICK ON THE FRAME AFTER YOU PASTE OR IT WILL NOT WORK!!
8. If everything worked correctly repeat the above 2 steps for the second part of the animation.
9. If everything went well you should be left with an image like the foloowing example. If your image looks the same you can animate it and your done :)

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