updated January 27, 2018

Name: Shannon
Nick name: Rosebud <---My dad is the only one who calls me this!
Age: 39
Hair: brown/blond
Eyes: Green
From: new jersey, USA
D.O.B: 05-24-1978
Siblings: 0
Hobbies:Working on my computer and dancing with my husband!


Colour: Pink
Day: Any day that i get to spend with my mom
sweets: Anything chocolate
Ice cream Flava: Chocolate
Season: Summer
Month: May and febuary
Tv show: Big Bang Theory

Either Or

Cold or Hot: Hot
Sweet or sour: sweet
Black or white: White
Mcdonalds or Burger king: White castle
Smooth or rough: smooth
Day or night: night
curly or straight : straight
Tall or small: tall if your a man
Fat or Thin: Fat
Dog or Cat: Cat
E-mail or letter: E-mail
Water or juice: neither diet coke
Pool or ocean: Ocean since i live in florida and i can go to the beach every day if i would like to

My kids

I have 2 kids
My son Colin he is 17
My Daughter Hannarose(yes all one word) She is 16
My son is left handed, has blue eyes, and blond hair.
My daughter is right handed, green eyes, and blond hair she is a pritty little thing

My husband

His name is Daniel! He is my favorite person in the world(nexto my kids that is)
He has blue eyes and blond hair and has the most wonderful smile!
We are got married July 19, 2008!